Advanced Metering Systems  


This Certificate Series provides guidance for turning information from metered data into operational, cost-saving best practices. Course instruction describes opportunities to reduce costs, optimize system performance, and maximize investments using the latest metering standards and analytical methods.

By completing this Series, participants will learn to:

  • Understand federal requirements for metering and the value of using metered data;
  • Evaluate how metered data can be used to improve building performance;
  • Apply basic techniques for performing metered data analysis; and
  • Use basic metered data analysis to identify operational efficiency opportunities.


Course Level
FEMP53 Metering Benefits and Federal Drivers Introductory
FEMP54 Building Metered Data Analysis Intermediate
FEMP55 Using Metered Data to Improve Energy and Water Efficiency Intermediate

Certicate Request

To obtain a Series Certificate after completing the set of courses, print your transcript from the new WBDG continuing education system and submit your information from the FEMP Series Certificate Request Form. Upon submittal your information will be forwarded to a FEMP representative. Once the completion record is verified, you will receive your certificate via email.